Reasons Why You Ought To Consider Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

Anyone who wants to buy properties abroad has something that he/she considers before makingĀ  that final decision, some of them are ease of purchase, safety, variety of properties available, local amenities, location and weather. Cabo San Lucas Real Estate is matchless such that it caters for all these concerns.

Best location

The location is picturesque and idyllic and is positioned at the tip of Baja Peninsula. It provides everything from beaches to spectacular scenery to pristine deserts and rugged mountains and it has been a major tourist destination for many years. The city also has wide range of restaurants, nightclubs and restaurants; yet it is much more than a holiday hot-spot. Also its properties vary from condominiums to large beachfront villas, one can be sure that there is no time his/her expectations will not be met. The regions runs from sea to legendary rock arch El Arco in the tip of Baja Peninsula, to eye-catching coral reefs at the temperate Sea of Cortez. Its marine-scape still remains unrivalled, other sea draws are the scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing in beaches and annual whale migration. in the inland there are small villages along its coast and each has its own unique flavor and feel. The arid desert that is full of saw-toothed mountains can be a great way to those seeking tranquility and solace. In the area there is a functional fishing port that offers a variety of seafood to restaurants to accommodate all tastes and preferences. Other bars and hotels cater for all culinary requirements.


The temperatures in Baja ranges from 50-70 when low to 90-100 in summer. The hottest period is between July and September and the coolest is January to march. It has both worlds; cool-breezing nights and hot-steamy days with mild winter added. The wettest period is in summer with an average of 9 rainy days in 3 months starting July to September. The wind blows from either Pacific Ocean or Bay of California and this offers Cabo San Lucas Real Estate a unique weather. The wind switches from cool to balmy and warm with sea nearby one will never overheat.

Secure, Safe and Protected

A new safe property is a paramount importance; this is one of the safest places in whole of Baja. Crime is there but it is far much less when compared to other parts of the world. It is a two world’s best place majesty and beauty of Baja Peninsula also security and easy of U.S insurance, financing options and closing services. The place is organized and formalized with companies being members of Mexican trade organization. Known as Association Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobilia (AMPI). This makes sure that the staffs are skilled and realtors work following the agreed guidelines.

Amenities, Amazing Market price and cultural activities

The variety and type of property of Cabo San Lucas Real Estate varies vacant lots starts at $11,000, family homes at $50,000 but depends on one’s budget. Condominium prices vary, one bedroom starts around $40,000, luxury 6 bedrooms and private beach around $10 million. There is everything one wants, be it a retirement home, rental business, a new-start, a holiday-home, Besides golf tournaments, fishing competitions and other sports activities. There are other activities that ensure one blends with Mexican culture and the region. In Los Cabos there are art galleries displaying both local and international artists, many of them feature exquisite paintings, modern art and sculptures. A must see place is Todo Santos town which has lots of art galleries, local handicraft also superb hotels, restaurants and also colonial buildings that have been given back their formal glory.

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